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About Wallet Wizard. Your provider of easy and fast cash.

Sometimes you just need a bit of extra cash in your pocket. It could be for that holiday, Christmas presents or that car service you’ve been avoiding. You don’t want a onetime loan that doesn’t give you the flexibility to redraw cash as you pay off the balance. You don’t want to always have to fill out a bunch of forms and wait ages for an answer!

We understand that when you need cash, you need it now. Thankfully, Wallet Wizard not only gives you that quick decision you’re looking for, but access to redraw more cash up to your credit limit as you pay off your outstanding balance. Fast cash, with a borrowing experience to tell your friends about.

With a few clicks, our smart technology and clever loan engine assesses your application and gives you a decision tailored to your circumstances.

Wallet Wizard. Quick cash when you need it.

Who is Wallet Wizard?

Wallet Wizard is part of the Credit Corp Financial Services family. We are an innovative lender that utilises many years of experience in the financial services industry to deliver a range of products sought after by customers from all over Australia. We offer Smart Loans to people in a wide variety of circumstances to suit their individual situations.

With our commitment to responsible lending and slick cutting edge technology, we provide a customer experience like no other. Quick cash when you need it most.