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Need a short term loan in Sydney? Wallet Wizard

From $500 to $8000

We all know how expensive it is living in Sydney – and when unexpected expenses stretch your available funds it’s good to know that Wallet Wizard has a simple and fast application process for loans from $500 to $8000.

Apply for your fast Smart Loan in 3 easy steps

  • Complete a fast easy online application
  • Watch our clever loan engine work its magic to suit your circumstances
  • Get your money nice and quick

What makes Wallet Wizard different from other short term loans?

Not only will you pay less with Wallet Wizard (check it out) than you will elsewhere, but with our Smart Loan you can apply for as little as $500 or as much as $8000.

As you pay off your account balance and credit becomes available, you can apply to access more cash in just a few quick steps via the online Members’ Area.

Wallet Wizard is NOT a Payday loan

The Stop the Debt Trap Alliance Report from November 2019 defined a Payday loan as follows:

A Payday loan (also known as small amount credit contracts or SACCs) are high cost fast loans of up to $2000 paid back over a period of 16 days to 12 months. 

These loans are high cost because you can be charged a number of significant fees on top of the original loan"

Equivalent annual interest rates for these loans can vary anywhere between 112.1% up to as high as 407.6%"

Unlike many other lenders Wallet Wizard has no upfront fees or ongoing fees – just a single interest rate where you only pay interest on the unpaid balance.

What is the interest rate?

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for new loans effective from 08/12/2016 is 47.8%. This is a comparison rate of 47.8%pa.

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